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Is it Good? Local Discovery


The absolute easiest local places rating and review app has finally made it to your mobile device! Find or provide your opinions of businesses and places all over the world all in one easy to use app. Rate places by simply answering one easy question, “is it good?” Simply Tap Yes or No to share your review with the world. Instantly view others opinions of all types of places and establishments in your proximity. Launch the app to quickly see what is good and bad near your current location by the shortest distance! Don’t waste time reading with stars and digging through long reviews when you just need to know which places are good or bad near you. From restaurants to hotels, gas stations to public parking, and more. You’ll know right away which places and locations to visit and which places to avoid.
- Instantly see and filter good and bad establishments in proximity to your current location.- Add and rate new establishments to let the world know places to go and places to avoid.- Obtain rewards for adding and rating new locations.- Easily navigate to your chosen location.- Help drive customers to your favorite local businesses by quickly and easily sharing your review.- Optionally write short reviews in addition to simply answering “Is it Good?”- Great for finding local locations or searching while traveling.